Off the Grid

I thought I was done de-cluttering stuff around me, but I now feel that the de-cluttering is now spreading into other aspects of my life. Lately, I have been feeling like I need to go off the grid. Off the grid as in decreasing or eliminating my social media usage and all that fun stuff.

As much as I love refreshing Facebook and all the other fun apps, I started feeling overwhelmed. Overwhelmed at how behind I was falling in the race that is called life.

My peers are getting settled into their lives and here I am worrying about not falling off my bed. They are progressing with their passions, while I struggle with coming to terms with what I want in life. While they lead adventurous lives, my mundane routine of an existence became my antithesis.

A part of me realizes that I should not be complaining. These are first world problems and most likely, it’s my fault for not getting out there. However, when that information is repeatedly being flashed in your face like some obscene marketing ploy, I knew I needed to step back.

Going completely off grid is not possible considering I’m not travelling, but I’ve gone off facebook for sure. When I will be back? I don’t know. But I do feel better cutting that access into my private space. What about Twitter and Instagram? Will probably stay on there but unfollowing a few.

It’s refreshing to reclaim your space. To reclaim your moment. Sometimes, that’s all you need.

Professor's Lake

Of the moment

Really loving these tracks right now.

It’s interesting how I tend to gravitate to electronic music when I’m deep in concentration or stressed out.

What do you listen to when you are deep in concentration?


No time for Pause

Do you ever get to a moment where you think, ‘a pause button would be really good right now?‘ I’m not talking about pause from an argument or from exams but a pause from life.

Is it realistically possible to pause life? and if so, what will you gain from pausing life?

I recently watched Jupiter Ascending, you know the movie with Mila Kunis and Channing Tatum (it’s a pass, not that great but if you’re on a flight and nothing is on, watch it) and a scene stood out for me. The scene was with Mila and her ‘daughter’, where they talk about what aliens/other life force are really after: time. That with more time they can maximize all that they want to see and do. Gaining power or winning wars or resources won’t give you more time.

I found this interesting because we sometimes run from time and yet in an alternative way to look at it, time is all that you have. Will ignoring or diverting your issues solve the problem? Will it bring you a solution?

Why do we think that we can control the situations or circumstances around us? We are not in control. Everything must move concurrently and to resist that, it can become an exhausting burden. Time is a funny thing. When you feel that you have mentally come to a point, your physical age and being might not be at that point.

I feel that this becomes particularly dangerous when you set certain events in your life to occur pending another event. What are you waiting for? Nothing major will occur if a certain event happens before that or even after that. I just wonder if we become obsessed with our ideal vision of the world that we forget that everything must move forward that way it should. We cannot put conditions or restrictions. If something takes longer, then you will have to adapt. If something happens sooner, again, you will have to adapt. Granted we expect our life to move in a way we think it should, but sadly, life doesn’t run on a timeline – it just runs; and we must run with it. Playing catch up wherever we can.

We can say that by 25 we will be x,y,z and by 35 this and that will be done and by 70 I can retire. Reality Check: sometimes that just doesn’t happen.


No distress for this damsel

A couple of weeks ago I had an interesting conversation with a male friend. We were sitting and basking in the glorious sunlight and the conversation was going in its usual manner when my friend remarked;

You really aren’t a damsel in distress are you? You already have everything on lock down and can handle it on your own.

I was amused and perplexed. I was curious to know how my friend had come to the conclusion and why would be assume that I, or any female I guess for that matter, would be a ‘damsel in distress.’

The damsel in distress or persecuted maiden is a classic theme in world literature, art, film and video games. She is usually a beautiful young woman placed in a dire predicament by a villain or monster and who requires a hero to achieve her rescue. (source: Wikipedia)

Disney movies and most pop culture films, shows and all particularly aim to showcase females being at a disadvantage in some way or anything, requiring a ‘Prince Charming’ to come and ‘rescue’ them. Whether it be from the hounds or fixing a broken heel (hello Wedding Planner, you are telling me that the magnificent Jennifer Lopez who is the ultimate wedding planner – who can fix any and all issues, is dumbstruck at the issue of her broken shoe? nvm that she was distracted by the hot doctor but still), this social behavioural structure has been practically ingrained in our minds that this is just how it goes.

Sure, it’s adorable to see a cute girl who’s kind of a dimwit and needs help; however when faced with an individual that can hold her own (or as Neyo likes to say it, ‘Miss Independent she’s got her own thing going on‘) you get stumped – it’s a game changer. No one tells you how to act when faced with someone as your ‘equal’ because obviously how are you to impress her without your big muscles or fancy words?

It’s funny to me how a simple statement can make me think of years of male-female relationships and pop culture’s manifestation of this image.

For the record, I don’t think there is anything wrong with being a damsel in distress cause hey, free world. But for myself, if you expect me to be a damsel in distress, you better be THE Prince Charming.


My Most Productive Day Yet

Have you ever woken up before 9 am?

On a weekend??


Okay, if you have then whatevs, you must be come cool cat, but for us slobs lazy cat burritos, this was a big moment.

I was up by 7:30ish this fine Saturday morning, and began tweeting about it all by around 8 am. See, this was such a big deal lol As annoying as those first few moments were where I purposely kept my eyes shut to stay cuddly warm, alas, I woke and started my day. I started my day as I ideally would want to. I had my warm lemon water and made BREAKFAST! Eggs and avocado! The excitement! #winning

Omg, yeah I did! I would have pictures to prove my point, but the catalyst for my early rise was fixing le fadre’s phone. Because of course, the only Apple store with an available Genuis appointment ASAP would be about 60.7kms away from my residence. I was halfway to Niagara Falls, you guys, half way!!! If I didn’t need to come back and drop of dry cleaning/get groceries/pick up glasses/save the world/domestic magic, I probably would have gone and just chilled there.

In all, I spent my day in 3 different townships, across so many highways, and was so worth it. #noregrats I liked having my day so busy. I felt like I was getting so much done, with all my errands, with my life. I even managed to finish my to-do list before 4 o’clock which was when we were suppose to head out to family gathering. Now, it’s another story why I’m still home and not said family jam.

It feels strange – just to be sitting now, when I have spent the day moving and getting work done. I mean, I could start my other housework stuff, but I feel like I don’t need to get thattttt domestic. Let’s not get crazy now.