Dear sweet bloggers,

So its that time of the year again, where everyone once again dawns the mask of school bags, grim faces of seeing the mounting homework across the horizon and the happiness gained from seeing your old friends from days gone by. As the weather changes so does the atmosphere of school, at the moment, lets consider university.
Going back to school is always an interesting time as one realizes just how awesome the campus is, just how many opportunities there are with clubs and intramulars and just how expensive the books are and the tuition. That aside, i guess it really depends on how your summer went, i mean if you were busy with that garden and your summer reading you might feel that summer was just not long enough. However, if your summer went by on the couch, or much worse, trying to raise your chances of skin diseases by tanning, you might feel that school couldn’t come at a better time as all those parties were getting boring and your summer crush is now simply crushed.
Summer was i guess simply boring yet not long enough for me, this time, for the first time, i felt that i don’t feel the back-to-school rush, i mean i don’t have the urge to go and buy a box of pens…maybe that’s due to the fact that i already have so many pens, or binders, but i do need binders and the sort. i have yet to figure out what i shall don on the big day, itself. i know the routine, it must be new, and something cool, you know, making a statement without making a statement. After all, uni is all about the statement without the statement…or maybe tequila, I’m not really sure but i guess this new school year might bring more than last year, something more to look forward to, something that will change the way i think about and feel about university itself.
Now, fellow bloggers, you must be wondering, ‘now what is Lola talking about???’ well, i guess it can be traced back to the fact that i did not attend frosh week. yes, the ultimate orientation week, that introduces you to university life and brings your soon-to-be best friends and maybe even some hangovers, but all in all, i didn’t feel the need nor was i that excited about it. yup, as a friend of mine, stood in awe and wondered just exactly what planet i was on, that i missed the most ‘exciting week of my post-secondary education’, i pondered the meaning and purpose of the orientation week, which is so unconventional in itself. i mean, there is no typical lectures on how to be successful and how the parents need not worry. However, i guess uni is not one’s average school where parent-teacher meetings are set up and the week before you suck up to the teacher so that they give good remarks to the ‘rents. i mean if i think about it, I’m going simply to study, a pretty boring and dull way to look at it, but its true. i mean if i wanted to party and meet people, i would go to a club or something. This coming year, however, i am aiming to do something, to be something and to experience something. How knows, i just might meet my new best friend or even better. 😉
Looking at my book list, i now wonder, just how many times i will open the said books and how many times will they actually be of use. Now you must be thinking, ‘great, just a student how thinks that they can pass uni without ever opening a text book.’ Now i claim no such intelligence, but there are student who can get away with that. A very comrade of mine has written a paper with no definitive sources and i dare say he was in the top 3 students who received above 80% on that paper….my mark however, simply assured me that i would have to pull more all-nighters and no matter how early i start with my prep-work, it always falls short.
As for classes, well, i guess 2-hour lectures will become my forte and soon i shall master it all with the prospective yoga classes that I’m thinking about taking during the year, now if i manage to find the gym this year will be a goal in itself.
However, since all the classes are on the engineering/science side of campus, I’m sure to run into soo many uber-smart student with only social studies and history to talk about. of course, that not to say that I’m not with the whole computer stuff, i do know what a pixel is so i think that’s a pretty good start.
lets hope this new year gets better….with a job and a nice pay cheque would be included in that ‘gets better’ part. then again, i might just lose the spirit by the second week of class as i realized that one of my text books were a ‘intro to probability and stats,’ and mind you, math hates me with a passion of fashion. corny yes, but it had to be said.
oh well, later for now dear bloggers.

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