text messages and missed calls

Is it not depressing when you call someone or text someone when you miss them and you hope that in turn will also message you back. it is the worst when they don’t reply. it really is. until they call you after a week of you not calling, and they say, ‘oh where have you been?’ haven’t heard from you in ages.’ well, i was right here, in my room, in my class, walking down the street when you couldn’t be bothered to call or text me.
Now i know that texting is very impersonal, but it leaves room for the people that might be busy so they can get back to you. receiving a text message can make my day when i don’t expect the person to message me, it really does.
what doesn’t is when you do message them or give them a missed call and they pretend that it doesn’t exist or they were never near their phone. i know it can happen, you have to admit, that you do check your phone in case someone does message you.
Or when i feel that i am the only one messaging you and does it hurt that in the 500 messages your going to send out in a day that you send me one, or is your life so much that busier.
i guess technology version of communicating has its limitations with missed calls, dropped calls and text messages arriving 5 hours later [that happened to me once] but does that mean that our human communication is going down?
well, i guess i’ll leave that up to you to figure out

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