its been a while

So a semester has finished and now for exams and to let it all go. FINALLY! what a semester i gotta say, im glad im involved in all the extra curricular activities cuz without them i feel that i would have had a really tedious year.

From homework, joinin and managing a club, making new friends and maintaining new friends this term has been a breeze, def. and made this semester pass by really fast and busy! i even pulled an allnighter at the library this year @_@ how i survived, only god knows but what an experience that was. i guess i need to make a goal to post something everyday at least or a week.
goals are nice to have….like expectations. i know expectations are there from the beginning with every relation but sometimes i think people over use their to the point of being burdensome. with time one can always learn how to overcome and react to those, i guess right now is my learning time.
till next post,

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