2010: THE YEAR

I am back!

i have been telling myself that i would return and try to blog more but you can very well imagine how that went. I should have come, i mean, i was in a horrible mood for like 12 days of the new year, starting on jan 1 but i feel better now (yay) i am definitely back on a happier mood =D perhaps i will indulge in my issues later when i have realized what is that was bothering me. Is it not bothersome when you are sad or depressed but do not really know the reason because there is soo much going on that you yourself, are unaware of where your feelings lay? Well, enough of that, on to bigger and better things, like 2010!!!! yes, i feel this is the year that i will try to be the most productive, yes i am running away from completing my sociology readings but its okay =) i would rather indulge myself this way anyways. School is going to be crazy this year, with so many reading and so many assignments and tests i do not know where i will find the time for myself, maybe the bus ride to school? At the moment, this song has kept my spirits high and really made me feel so much better! Also, a little kindness goes a long way people, yesterday i was having more than a moderate day, i slept, picked out what to wear without a hassle, drove down to school, thought i would be late for class but i had 10 minutes to spare, and the class was pretty well structured which always is awesome! i got early and had enough time to grab a snack because i do have back to back classes that day and i was getting hungry at around 4pm LOL although i was feeling sushi, i did not feel i could not finish it in 10 minutes so chips, and this awesome mango tango smoothie! YUMMMMM the second class was all everything and no lecture! the professor spent about 20 minutes talking about everything BUT the course material, which i do not mind and have grown accustom to. The prof is really the odd one there =) after class straight to the lib to get soo much reading done! …well not that much considering i had to spend another 2 hours at home finishing it but i felt very productive nonetheless! on the way home, the subway token was being weird and out of nowhere, this old man, who i thought was a hobo comes out with his metropass and swipes it, letting me in! THANK YOU OLD MAN! you really did make my day that there were more than selfish people in the world and that i may have been to quick to judge someone. someone opening the door was a delight and really made the icing on the cake! and as the quote goes…

No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted. “
~ from Aesop (620-560 BCE)
cake is another story that i must confess…i love cake! nevertheless, [im trying to sound a little smart if you will] my day was a good one, without the odd text message asking where i was, and other people having really bad days, i guess sometimes it takes more to see the silver lining in the thunderstorm. Although that same day, on my way home i was very irritated, but finishing the majority of my readings gave me a very satisfying feelings. not to just start on the third week of readings lol -.-”

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