hello all,

so this is my second blog, i know, you must wonder what on earth is this person making a second blog when they already have one on another site. well, its because i was unaware of the existence of wordpress or i completely had forgotten it when i made my original blog. now, i am an amateur so i will need time to learn the mannerism of blogging. i am simply indulging myself with this form of expression because its better than a diary, where your parents may find it and going on forums, where it just gets a little everywhere and you may end up talking to 13yrs old about the meaning of life which is a burger and their new crush at school.

you may also find i might start changing the layouts a lot, thats could be explained by my nature of change [if that makes sense] i like change, and simple changes such as a new room colour or a new wall ornament, or a new hair colour [im debating about putting in bright green streaks] and thus find it refreshing to have that change.

there will also be irregular updates as i am a student studying at a university, i like to come and blog sometimes to just say a few words as they do make me feel better inside, and to leave some words on how i felt the past couple weeks or months. hopefully i won’t come back to ponder on the years gone by. then i’ll really know that wordpress is not working for me. lol

jokes aside, im liking the formatting of this blog so who knows, i might come here and blog more than my other one.

till then,



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