the internet is losing its touch

I really do believe that the internet is losing its touch. why you ask?

well, because like any other fad out there, over time it is not as predominant anymore. Even at the peak of their career, the power rangers did get boring and outdated.

now, i would say i am very well connected 20 ys old university student.I use facebook; text messages are the new phone calls for me; i blog every now and then to get my thoughts out; i go on online forums such as gaia [is you join, reference me will you, famiablebunnie thanks!], [froggy reference thanks!] and even omg, yes, neopets, the mecca of 13 year olds having mini pets and talking to each other. twitter i have not yet gotten accustomed to but by the end of the year, i have a feeling i might join in that too.

however, each do have a flaw:

  • Facebook: is essentially a stalk book that does nothing but distract me from doing my work. i spend hours looking up every possible pictures from my latest crush than reading up on the school readings or finishing a paper. Looking through the countless profiles, pictures and status updates that resemble twitter more than facebook, i feel as if a change must be brought on.
  • text messages: online i guess the best part is i can send them through the providers website rather than type the message on my phone, which can get tiresome.
  • Gaia: although user friendly with many features and ways to represent oneself, is still a mosh-pit of teenagers who act as emos and goths and think they know it all and can go about trolling. dont know what trolling is, wiki it like i had to lol. intelligent conversation can only get you far and its much more funner to play Zomg which is a simple rpg. its even worse when you dream yourself playing it, no joke. 😦
  • Zubeta, i have  heard has an older crowd, with the 20s sitting around. the collaboration of what gaia and neopets are, is not a user friendly model and im still not use to hence why im not there anymore. reference is to a friend lol
  • Neopets is like childhood. its where all your friends from elementary will go to chill after school because its so much better to go on quests that fairies and the evil people send you on.

at the end, its not a very satisfying experience, which leds me to stalk my fashion-blogs which i might say, i look up everyday religiously. my day is just not complete without it. 😦 but what more can they provide me? one is on bollywood fashion and the other on collage fashion, which is finally becoming somewhat diverse bloggers. [yes to the uoft one!] but even in times of need, looking at the new bogeta knot clutch or the really nice mango dress, its not going to be satisfying when im hoping to find something much more enriching.

i am at a piont where facebook has lost its novelty. perhaps because i have found a new interest, such as blogging which is much more successful in giving me a sense of satisfaction than looking through past crushes and checking out what that girl wore when she went clubbing that night [which by the way, she looked awesome as usual]. online forums can only get you far as well. fashion blogs have their place in my world, but still. besides playing online games and bubble bash on my mac, it gets tiresome.

at the end of the day, i feel that in this decade the internet will need to revolutionize itself in this new decade because the past decade was spent in setting up the internet, and now its time to set up its game. even though the possibilities are endless, i hope that the internet is not something we tire of. without the social networking sites such as facebook, which is essentially stalkbook; twitter, a mass updating system on your life, a personal news board-cast if you may and blogging, a self-centered global diary, where your thoughts go in, but you don’t know who i am, unless i tell you. besides that, there isnt much out there unless you email like a junkie, download music like a pirate and play free games.

im hoping more from the internet in the coming years and i guess this new year can be a start.

peaches everyone.


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