what to do?

so here i am. sitting again. in front of my laptop. with. no. motivation. at. all.

this is bad. i have so many readings to do, and all i can think of is blogging, and using too many comas. i seems to have a very unhealthy relationship with comas you see. very bad. but, i shall try to get over it. or at least, find ways to better the relationship, i mean a girl can hope right? hmm i use ‘i mean’ a lot dont i? 
confession time: i have another blog. why? because i didnt know there were other blog sites and well…..the profile looks cooler and writing a blog there makes me feel kinda smart and oh so snazzy 8) dork to the head, but what can i do. i’ll probably use the other to make ‘smart, intelligent blogs’ while here you suffer my insanity and my delusional ideas. -.-” but, if you would like the link to the other blog, which im sure is no one, because no one reads my blogs! i mean, who would? they are non-sensical jargon, put together with formless sentences to make a point, that i might even know that im making =0
yes indeed. 
so, yup, here i am. i wonder if anyone is reading this…if you are, can you leave a comment so i dont feel totally deranged that im talking to the internet which is as limitless as the universe. thanks.
peace out for now i guess.

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