what’s in a name?

that is a very good question you know. i was struck by this very question when i was making this blog. originally i had wanted to go with this really cool name ‘urban butterfly’ only to find that others had already made blogs under that name, and are very inactive might i add. hmm there should be something about that you know. lol a name says a lot, its your identity, what you go by in your day to day lives and can affect so many things that we may not realize. it could be the pun of most jokes as growing up [jack and jill anyone?] or super heavy for a simple child [umm baron?] a mature name if you will, that the child won’t grow into until adulthood. a name is a noun meaning:

1. Name, title both refer to the label by which a person is known.Name is the simpler and more general word for appellation: The name is John. A title is an official or honorary term bestowed on a person or the specific designation of a book, article, etc.: He now has the title of Doctor. Treasure Island is the title of a book. 4.repute, character, credit. 5. note, distinction, renown, eminence.6. personality. 14. nickname, dub, denominate. 16. choose. 17.mention.
so as you can see, a name has a lot to do with it. then where did dancing oranges come in from? well the origins of dancing oranges is that a friend of mine is in class and she’s super tired [she had back to back classes all day basically with a break at 11 only] so i recommend that she eat some oranges, after all, there is nothign wrong with a little vitamin c right? its good for you. from there, i though. hmmm oranges, dancing ones at that would be a delight to look at. besides that there is nothing more to it really. just a name brought on by my random imagination that i hope will only get creative as the years go by.
till then,
peaches =)

References to the definition b/c plagiarism isnt cool lol :



3 thoughts on “what’s in a name?

  1. I see what you’re talking about. Websites such as facebook, their initial purpose being connecting with old friends have lost their way, and are now convoluted with features such as games and other distractions. All wholly unnecessary and system-clogging. Oh well, we shall just have to wait for the next internet “fad.”


  2. dude, i went through this dilemma with baby names… naming things and/or people is so stressful – like the weight of the childs world rests solely on your shoulders…. somehow I’m reminded of a Friends episode…..


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