first party of the year

Yesterday I went to my first party of the year, I got all dolled up and went. It was actually a ‘spring welcoming party’ with cultural ties sort of deal, and for some reason I really wasn’t looking forward to it. Strange, I know. New years I did not celebrate, well I did, but it was very homely and spent in my pj’s and collaborated with my younger cousins birthday. After that, I met up with my friends and that was it. So really, this was my first party of 2010.

To be honest, I sat there and my only major interest was what was going to be served. Uncle/Aunty parties as i like to call them, where it’s basically a family party, and everyone is expected to dress in ethnic attire and male/female flirtations are minimal if not existent, because if you do an aunty will find you OR spread the word around that you have loose morals. yeah, we’re living in the 5th century here people. Most of these parties hardly ever have any scenery, hence my interest with the menu. I really do look forward to what sorts of appetizers there will be, whether they were prepared well or not, and if it has that special zing in it, making me go for seconds. Main meal is always another round to test the banquet halls chefs, and whether if the food really does taste like food. This is important, food can make or break the party. After all, if an awkward moment were to arise, what would one talk about? The current political dilemma? What seems to be the colour of the party? These parties also serve to be a platform to display the creme-of-the-creme of todays fashion, with different fabrics, embroidery and colours. I was pleased to notice that silk was the fabric of the season and can not wait to get more outfits in that fabric! Back to the story, music is another checkpoint I look at, music is another element that can break or make your party. After all, when people go home, it’s the party they remember. The Dj was fairly alright, but he kept on playing traditional female songs, which left the men to the side wondering when it would be all over.

I was not particularly looking forward to the party, for some reason, this feels to be the year where I do nothing but stress over how much readings i have, when my assignments will finish themselves, and thinking about midterms is enough to for me to have a meltdown, enough said. I also left my phone at home, because I need to get out of this habit where I resort to my phone as a way out. A text message there, a game there, it really is bad party manners as I feel now. So off with the phone……that and I was avoiding calling someone…..I figured it is ok to not respond right than and there to some one who sent me a message or called me. It really is ok. Life will go on. It’s something Im coming to terms with now. Well, this party was a dull one, plus my heels were all wrong, I definitely need something for the winter months…hmmm nude pumps anyone? That’s another, I don’t really feel the need to shop, either. My friends would be applauded by this revelation, as I am the shopping junkie out of all of them. Shopping does make everything better, but this year, again I don’t get that vibe anymore. Perhaps, this year is meant to be exclusively based on studying and focusing and not shopping, or partying [although a girl does need a night out with her crew] and staring at my phone. Who knows, really. Let’s see what happens at the next one, which is next friday, yay, at least i know what Im wearing that night…….I think!

Till then,



6 thoughts on “first party of the year

  1. Having just gone through all this party nonsense, I can finally say I can appreciate the effort that goes into throwing one… BUT yes, food and DJ are definitely top on the list for gauging a party’s success. On the other hand, even a crappy party can be so much more fun if you’re with the right people. Nexxt time dude, take me with you. We;ll be singing AND dancing at the parrrrrrrrrty 😉 ju know ju know


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