studying habits

Ever make those goals where you promise yourself that today is the day that you going to work super hard and give it your 110%? Well, today was one of those days. Today, my plan was to study non-stop after class. What happened? I went with my buddy to the eng. building and could not help but be distracted by everything. All the noise, the people, the chatter, the engagement and social activity. All of it distracted me. I’m not an eng student, but the socialization process and group study patterns appealed to me, which is why I ended up pretending to read on about the slum clearance in New York city rather than really focus on it. Afterwards, when my comrade and I reached the library, more in-success followed. I was just unable to focus. Between the emails, the fashion blogs, the gaia site [because I have to get the daily thing-a-ma-bob to get that cool layla bush!] and updating my to-do lists on my dashboard [I use a mac for those that are confused as to where I would get a dashboard on my computer], I was to busy to get start studying. This was the pre-studying ritual. To do lists are the sane to my insane. They really are. I am an organization freak. Most of my well-known friends can attest to that, I like to be organized and if that makes me a weirdo, so be it. And so, I spent about 10mins updating my to-do lists. When my friend left and I was left all alone in the library, I realized that I started focusing and working. This is not a new phenomena people, I just study better by myself in the library with almost complete silence, unless I have a really good study buddy, which I did but now he’s onto better things i.e. graduation. Distractions of any sort are horrible, because I may go a.d.d., so studying in a noisy room, not a good idea for me. There I was, quietly studying when it hit me. Why do I not study by myself before? Why must I waste the whole day to only become a nocturnal creature? Is this because I was a night baby? Could there possibly be a correlation between children born at night and studying at night? I don’t know, but here I am, again, in the middle of the night, about to set on this studying journey till 1am, when I pass out from the sheer exhaustion that studying gives you. Here’s another issue, I cannot study at home. I study really well at the library, because the atmosphere is amazing. The studying vibe just gets me going and in no time, I become one with it, kinda like yoga and I’m part of this big flow of knowledge and I get so much done, I feel very satisfied. Hopefully, I can amend this and next time, I will study at the library all by myself, away from distractions. Perhaps changing libraries might be a good idea too, hmm, let’s see what happens this term.



3 thoughts on “studying habits

  1. lol sorry, I was tempted… childish and annoying, I know. Alright, let me say that after reading your little studying post I feel really bittersweet. I feel like I really miss being in class, studying, essaying and all that but then at the same time, your tension with studying and getting work done is so palpable that it makes me glad that I’m no longer subject to the tyranny that is school…


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