judging a book by its cover

Why must we always judge a book by its cover? Could it be human nature that we are naturally drawn to beautiful things/people and be disgusted by anything else? or, maybe its our society, where the media tells us that this is beautiful and that isn’t? I don’t know anymore, but it just gets to me that for example, seeing a couple and then making a remark about how that’s ‘weird’ because ‘shes this hot blonde’ and hes ‘the pimply, tall, gross dude’. Did it ever occur to someone that maybe they had a great understanding? Maybe he was the nicest guy she had ever met after a row of dealing with ‘hot’ guys who ended up doing nothing but breaking her heart? There was another example just like this on sex and the city [yeah, ive kinda started to watch it] and one of the main characters begins to date someone that she would not date at all. She makes it clear to him that she’s only in it for the sex and that there is no relationship. Is that all a person is left to be? Objectified into this box with no doors or windows? Does the outer appearance really say a lot about who you are a as a person? I mean, yes, if you look nice, your more likely to have people come up to you and start a conversation with you, or have someone come up to you and flirt, but really is that all? If one were to only do that, you might have missed your soul-mate who was just going through a phase and was really a beautiful person. Does being beautiful truly mean that the person will be just as wonderful on the inside? I’ve meet a few people who are so pretty on the outside, but damn, can there nature be darker than tar. I’m not bashing beautiful people cuz hey, everyones pretty and truly a unique person, but to judge someone so harshly and impose a social stigma on them just because your not use to seeing such a pairing, kinda makes me disgusted. I dunno if that makes sense, but judging a person like that, is just wrong. To prove that, I was going home and at the subway station I saw an old guy, who i though was a hobo, i mean the unruly hair and stuff. But as i struggled to get into the subway, this guy comes out with a metropass and swipes it, so I could get it. Kindness like that would never have been expected and my initial though of it was less than deserving. But I do thank that person, and as per my usual nature, I don’t judge, before commenting on someone’s character, I wait to see what comes out of their mouth first. It’s the stuff one say that makes the person, after all. Who am I judge? I just hope that people out there get over that. I mean, shows like beauty and geek are somewhat modifying that but I still find them making people feel inferior. It’s not healthy. Maybe one day, in our crazy world, people will start to let go of their ideas of making comments on unusual pairings or just people in general. It’s not a healthy way to live or to see your world. Doing that just might deprive you of your possible best friend or even your soul mate. Just look at your closest relations, it would be pretty evident that maybe if you hadn’t meet them when you did, you wouldn’t acknowledge their existence and treasure them like you do now. I could be wrong and this could be just wishful thinking, who knows.

till then, peaches


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