to my girls

All i need in this world of sin, is me and my girlfriends.

This is for my girls. Girlfriends, wives, lovers, sweethearts, soul-sisters, the sisterhood. Whatever, these girls have been there for me through stick and stalk. They know that. They try their hardest to make me smile when I’m down and they def make this crazy life so much better. This is for you. THANK YOU. Thanks for hopping onto the wagon, and sticking it out through the bumps. You all have a cubicle in heart, you guys can pick your spots lol If you know me, you know my obsessions with cubicles and living in your hearts, because your there, I remember you at the oddest moments and text you right then to make my day. =D And your texts make my day when Im having a really crappy one. Thanks homies.

p.s. yo avacoado! love ur morning ones!!! lol


4 thoughts on “to my girls

  1. You are my sunshine, my only sunshine! You make me haapppyyyyyyyy when skies are grayyyy….. dude, you always know how to make me smile no matter what the situation. Thanks for all your crazy antics that helped me get through my “party phase” lol

    Cheers dude!


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