sita sings the blues

this is a video i found while i was reading it in a magazine and i proceeded to find it ASAP on youtube. when im not busy trying to finish a paper, i would really wanna watch it!!!! check it out! its def a very interesting take on a indian epic, and its in english so it shouldn’t really present a barrier. it would be awesome if you guys watched it and we had a discussion under comments lol just google ‘sita sings the blues’ it’ll take you to the main website. its also on youtube as well.


6 thoughts on “sita sings the blues

  1. its on the ramayana, which is an epic poem. it wud be easier if you wiki’d it find out because it really is a quite the story. but its a really good one because there are a lot of themes that are brought up and can totally be applied to todays society as seen in the trailer and when i get around to it, the movie. =)


    1. lol noooo thats not it at all. here, it shows that she was objectified as a sex symbol which is why the other king (ravan) was tempted to take her, to get back at her hubby. she never cheated on ram but b/c shes so hot, ram doesn’t trust her either. she was totally loyal to him, which is why she also passes the trial by fire thg too. it shows that no matter what, men will never get past their jealousies and will not trust beautiful women i guess lol she was never a ho lol


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