finding a job

this week, i have been going through this urge to get a job? why? well, its good to have job experience, i mean its kinda scary when you look at grad school appls and they all want some form of job experience. call me crazy for wanting to get  job at a full course load of  classes but maybe i need to be pressured for time. maybe i need to be crunched for time as i work on an essay when i come home after working for 5 hours. maybe being busy like that would be good for me. hence, my search for a job, not a job, any cool job, where i can get cool experience would be awesomeee! it really is nice to see money coming into your bank account, it just makes me happy lol sure, i would be tempted to buy more, but i dont think so. lately im on a shopping downturn cuz theres nothing on the market anymore, plus, theres this thing i want to save for, yes its a secret hehe now im looking at cool beds LOL yes. i want to get a new bed. yes. im crazy like this. lol. i think it makes me a little unique. lol well, lets see what happens. ive applied to some places, hopefully, someone wants me to work for them…right??? lets see what happens till then.


2 thoughts on “finding a job

  1. Oh, have you checked out the website for the RIM job fair? They had a list of employers, there were a couple summer camps and whatnot looking for summer students.


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