feel the lowe month

In light of February aka the loweee month, i gotta hand out lowee to my 14  lowelly ladies for the 14 days of February lowe  ❤ so this month I will be posting some lowe to my lovely ladies who just made me feel so happy inside and really are too good to me ❤ they make me feel like i truly have found someone nice to live in the cubicle in my heart. this is for my dils! [dil = heart]

Lowelly Lady 1: Polar Bear

my polar bear is a short, short tempered, violent, smart, feisty, fob, nerd. and i lowe her. she really is a sweetheart and i guess cuz shes older than me, she looks out for me in her own way. she can be a tad bit protective but i like that =) makes me feel a little loved. we both meet over a dance team, and found each over the summer and since than, she has been my delightful polar bear, a true match for her sharebear [her nickname for me] we are kinda together forever now hehe *fingers crossed*

we bonded over our heartaches and our lowe for good music [hellooo lemberr and dr.zeus!!!] and today she went after my dil and tried to steer it in another direction which would not equal heartache, but alas i was faster and listened to her 2 months before she gave me the advice lol but its the thought that counts and thats what caught the strings in my dil. ❤

this is our song, b/c it really does highlight the cheesiness and our fob-ness to the max! lol



2 thoughts on “feel the lowe month

  1. Polar Bear isn’t as violent and harsh as you make her seem – she’s really quite a softie if you come down to it haha. I love ya too Sharebear (& today we discovered that there actually is a Care bear named that LOL) 🙂


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