its so cold out

If you are unaware of where I am, I’m in canada which by the way can’t decide whether to be warm or cold at the moment [Update: found out that Willie the groundhog said we have 6 more weeks of winter horrayy]. My jublication would be awesome but its not. Why? Because the weather has been so in-between that im ready to go to school in jeans and a simple sweater not layered in a coat, scarf and everything else. Needless to say, I really would like some sun, WARM sun. Thanks.

As I sit here by my window and watch it snow I think back to my freezing feet [where are those fuzzy socks hmm], checking up on fashion blogs [nude nail colour is in apparently, which I dont mind, I kinda feel like rocking a pale pink on my nails now anyways] and how much reading I have to do to prepare for my midterms next week [darn u educationnn] I can’t help but feel like going on a vacation or reading cheesy romantic comics that do nothing for me but help me daydream about how prince charming is coming or will come and change my world, for the better of course [another dream, this is getting ridiculous it looks like I like snuggling in my dreams :/ yeah who wants to be my snuggling partner? anyone]

So its snowing and its just kinda blah cuz either it sud be hardcore snow everywhere kind of deal or it should be none at all. Mother nature, please make up your mind already it seems that the groundhog gives us simply bad news is all.


4 thoughts on “its so cold out

  1. I would be happy if all the winter weather in Canada was like today, it was pleasantly mild but still cold enough for fluffy snow. Love the fluffy snow.


  2. Dude, I’d like to think that the whole prince charming thing is an actual reality, but I think I should get my head out of the clouds. There’s no such thing. I’ve been immersing myself in those romantic things lately too (maybe its just the month of February) and I’m so disappointed. I’d love to believe that there is that “special” one out there that can make those dreams come true, but sadly I just can’t imagine it…. *sigh*


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