once again

Here I am again, dear friends doing what I do best: Slacking. I have 3 midterms next week and all I can seem to concern myself with is what kind of layout I should have for my blog today. Kinda makes me feel like going back to Blogspot because there the options there seemed almost endless and it was easier to find different styles that I may have wanted to try out. *sign* oh well, I won’t leave you guys….yet. lol

My inability to focus is really tiring b/c its just really sad. I want to have that motivation that some have to pursue their passions. I guess I have not found my passion yet, whatever that may be. For a while i guess, geography was what did it for me. Perhaps another line wold have suited me better, such as physiology. I like to learn about the mind and why some people act the way they do. Perhaps I am being foolish in thinking this now, rather than last year in second year when I had amply opportunity to change my mind and pursue something else. I definitely do not want to stick around in university forever, there are other things I want to do. Who knows. I haven’t painted in a while. That’s what i use to do in high school, for 4 years straight, thats all i studied. Maybe I should go back. Who Knows. At the moment, it would be just nice to see the warm sun and have warm weather back in my life. The cold is not giving me any signs.

I woke up late, watched tv when i really didn’t feel like it, and made myself a sandwich [it was a good sandwich] and now i’m on my computer. Again. I wonder if others go through this thought process. This process of confusion. Unless I turn out to be the odd ball in the crowd. I’m already use to that.  Oh well. I should get studying, my midterms start on monday….and the prof gave us 11 questions from which 2 are on there…he really should have given us 5 questions, considering he expects detailed answers. Like the expectation is really unfair, our brains aren’t computers. Also, these 2 questions are already picked and we have no choice but to answer them. YAY. Isn’t that great? I wonder if I’m going to be a cynical old person sometimes. -.-”


3 thoughts on “once again

  1. Procrastination was my best friend through uni. The pressure kinda made me work harder – does that make me odd too? Long time no talk chick 😛 why not slack off whilst talking to me lol. Good luck with the midterms, dont worry ull be fine – you always are


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