going on track

Don’t you love it when things start on go on track? Like when your studying is getting completed and when you feel that you really are making a progress. I was told to not blog [because my friends have put me on a ban] but this is the only way I feel that I want to communicate via. MSN is way too distracting, I always get sidetracked to see who has come online, if someone is on that I feel like talking to or someone might message me. There goes working on my readings for a class. So, I’m putting myself on a temporary MSN ban, that and I don’t feel that it has much more to offer me anymore. Facebook, I’m getting tired because it keeps updating on its own and well, its getting hard to find a reason to stick with it. lol

Anyway, my day was really pleasant today, I got up early today (7.45 am is early ppl!) and got ready to go to school even though my class was at 11 am, because I had to study beforehand. I had a midterm today. I hope it goes well. But now its done and over with, time to focus on the other two! back to my day story, I got ready in time, even had time to put eye linear one (important because I become lazy and don’t bother) a girl should look the best she can everyday, is what I’m trying to go for. So time to start using makeup and wear it to school…that and its about time I finished that stuff and got news ones! lol PLUS, I don’t think the workplace is a good spot to try out the funky eye shadows I might like, so why not try it in university where everyone dresses up strangely and awesomely =D (I’m so happy my mascara is dying, which means a new one sooooonnnnnn hehe i told u I like to shop…for cool stuff!) Then, when I was worried I would miss the bus, it comes and makes my day it really is nice to see things coming when you think you won’t. =) I get to school early, I got an hour to review because I’m one of those people that cannot study on the bus I get really bad headaches then. Not that the extra studying helped because the questions that were on their, weren’t the ones I studied but meh. My lunch was fruit and a yogurt cup because I was too lazy to move from my spot on the 8th floor. Yes. I get too lazy to get food. grr. lol. Shoulders (semi-ex-eye candy) came by to study so that was kinda fun, but he left to go play video games at his friends house. 😐 But thats ok, because I got a lot of studying done! YAY! From 12 pm to 6 pm that I stayed on that table glued to my readings I finished all of them for my Thursday midterm! Now to study for my wednesday one. But thats gonna be tomorrow when I spent another awesome day at the library. I finished my readings exactly at 6, made me so happy. I caught the subway right when it was there, and caught my bus home as well.

Overall: it was a pretty good day =)

Add-on: avocado sends me the best pick up lines of the day hehe

OH! PROGRESS: Shoulders asked if I would walk with him to his practice and I said no, I should study. THEN he asked if I was gonna be on campus tomorrow and thrus, I said yes. Could it be that when I finally decide to flush him from my life, he comes running to me? hmm, progress shall be documented for future research.



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