lowe of month

to continue on with all things lowelly, i present lady number 2: Emo-lie

Emo-lie is a dear bosom buddy of mine who I befriended way back in first year of high school. We’ve been together now for a loonngggg time now people, I guess 7/8 years? How did it happen? It went like this:

Me: hi *shy*

Emo-lie: hi *shy*

Me: Your in my art class

Emo-lie: yeah I am *shy*

Me: can i sit with you for lunch? *shy*

Emo-lie: sure *quielty eats her sandwich*

Me: thanks…. do you wanna be friends?

Emo-lie: *shy* sure *nomnomnom*

Me: ok 🙂 *nomnomnom*

and now we are full of loweee and send each other cheesy text messages of loweee and pick up lines LOL (you can catch my lovely emo-lie at the screaming avocado on my blog roll). From that day onwards in that cafe, we join our hands in gym class, art classes, prom, picking out universities, raiding her fat cat, talking with her bird, watching robot chicken with my brother. It really has been an endless ride and she really is one of the leading ladies of my life that I nom. Yes, nom. =) ❤ Her pick up lines are endless and do make my day. I look forward to teaching your children punjabi and making him gore punjabi kids =) hehe


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