reading week

Reading week is here! I am so happy! Finally, I’m done with the 3 three midterms that I spent studying for like crazy, hopefully the marks are good. Fingers crossed hopefully. I spent the whole studying at the library, which by the way is not that wonderful and my back is stiff. First the signs came when I was writing my monday midterm when my shoulder started a lot. Not cool. It can be clearly concluded that I spent to much time at the library unless this is normal. Is pulling 6 hour study sessions at the library normal? hmmm After tonight’s midterm, for some reason I could not feel that freedom that usually comes after finishing a test. Perhaps I am still stressed or anxious? My plan is to wind down and relax, and sleep as much as I can. I really need to get my sleep back, I get too tired so fast. Not cool. In other news, I studied with shoulders today. I’m not sure what to make of it but I’ve decided I won’t make anything of it because its too confusing and too much thinking makes me restless. Other than that, I’ve made goals for myself of all the things that I have to do before reading week is over, but I think it would be better to look at that tomorrow. OH! I’ve started to download podcasts, mainly in the genre of House music. They are about an hour long in length, but I’m really liking the mix of music and the trance feeling one gets from listening to it. I’m getting tired of the music I have. My ipod is also basically full, so its time for me to clean that out. I guess I could delete all the songs I don’t listen to make room for podcasts. I enjoy the mash-up style and the seamless interchange. That’s all for now. Now to hunt down all the comics and read them religiously till I pass out. xoxo


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