I like reading comics, no surprise there, so when I found out that one of my fav’s was turned into a daytime drama, I was ecstatic! Although I have seen the  whole series before, I find myself coming back because the main idea is such a refreshing take on a classic fairytale. A modern day version where a common girl finds herself married to a prince, but it’s not as simple as that. He likes someone else, she’s not sure of her feelings, political intrigue, and love triangles are an easy way to sum up what this drama is about.

Having said that, it’s not has heavy as one would assume, the main character is amazingly comic and quite the character that you cannot help but fall in love with her. I have looked everywhere for the show, and found that google video has a pretty good quality for the first episode and the subtitles are not that bad as well. If google video doesn’t work for you, youtube has the whole series in installments there. Although the quality is not the best, you get the general idea of what is going on =) Veoh has a pretty good quality ones there too, but its a hard search to find them.

This is a pretty quality version to watch if you’re just checking out the series to see what it’s about. I’m trying to find more versions like this cuz the quality is SO much better!

If youtube is easier to track, just follow the parts of the episode and it’ll link to the next one.


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