coffee prince

I spent the last three days or so watching a new Korean drama that I have recently found and gotten addicted to. Since this is reading week, I didn’t feel soo guilty that I was staying up till 4 in the morning watching the episodes online at youtube. The drama is about a girl who looks like a boy, gets a job as a male waitress basically. Following that is her adventures as she makes new friends, even falls in love with her boss who thinks that she is a boy. It can be easy to say, this is one original drama!

The main led actress is the same as the one from Goong, which is how i found this one. This is quite interesting as well, there’s a love square haha yes. a square. lol and the storyline is pretty good. The smaller characters are endearing and the whole situation of a girl being taken as a boy is quite amusing to say the least. The situations seem believable, esp in the case of when Go Eun-Chan (main character) cannot decide who she likes. Or when the trust has been broken when the person realizes that the relationship is a lie. It has a good vibe to it, the modern take on a simple love story really make it lovable. There are awesome comic scenes which will make you laugh your butt off! Each character is relatable in the scene that either you have been in the situation or someone you know has been. I found that this really grounded the drama and made it seem possible rather than over the roof unrealistic fairy-tale. I really liked it, it’s a pleasant drama that you can finish in about 3 days or in a week is you take your time. Each episode is an hour long and there are 17 in total. Not too long, just enough to make reading week as sweet as coffee. =)

Out of 5, I would say 4? It’s a pretty good drama and although there were times I felt like fast-forwarding some of the scenes, the comic and emotions really lifted the drama to a renewed freshness.


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