Lowe of month: cake

I like cake. Like a lot. A LOT. Me and cake share a very platonic relationship, I give it love, it gives me lotsss of lowe. 🙂 Fruit cake, mousse cake, ice cream cake, fudge cake, layered cake, cream cake, wedding cakes, sponge cake, nutty cakes, carrot cakes, birthday cakes, Tim Hortons Black Forest cake, Cheese cake (OMG YUM!), and the list goes on. Finding the perfect cake is a quest, it really is. Some cakes are too sweet, some are not sweet enough. Some are really creamy, some are too dry. Some refuse to break, others fall apart at the slighest touch. Cakes really are an endless world on their own. Cheesecakes are a defintion on their own, and I was lucky to taste the perfect cheesecake at Second cup. It was a strawberry one, and oh my! It melted in your mouth with its milky taste and each bite was such a delight!


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