Over tea, me and my bosom buddy emington (found on twitter with the same name) that the style I like is known as mod. Mod, hmm, I wiki’ed it and found it was a modern fashion movement in London, England. The main ideas being 40% skin showing sort of deal, either its legs or cleavage. I’m more on the legs side than the chest lol. BUT, the style is very much me in a sense. The neck line is modest, the length is mid-thigh to knee and usually in an A-line shape. Enough to cover the bulges, but shapely enough that it looks like a woman walking down the street not a man. lol What I have discovered is that I love the shop anthropologie… problem is that these dresses basically are all in the hundreds….one day! One day, im gonna shop from that store!!! ><

Examples of the mod style:

All of these would be paired with tights, or leggings or i guess bare depending on where they end on your body. Now, I’m not for barely my legs out in the Canadian winter…thats just strange as asking for frost bite. My usual go-to is pair them with leggings. There comfy, come in a variety of colours, but I usually go with black and work with the Canadian weather…which is cold and within my comfort zone. My comfort zone can be described as being covered from head to toe.  >< But in the warmer weather, I’m sure to pair them with half leggings or colourful tights because you can’t go wrong with that right? Although I’m tempted to buy these dresses online, I’m not that rich yet lol the first one is an Anthropolie and alone is around a hundred something. The second one, I have something similar to that in strips and plaid now. It’s a really comfy shape and covers my blubber pretty well lol. The last one looked super comfy to me but not too laided-back with the waist line. It’s prefect to pair with some navy blue or purple tights, ankle boots, studs for tea with the girls (fyi: I’m in love with tea right now) AND its modest which works for me, not too much exposure is always good. =)


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