post-reading week

Reading week is over, I can feel that now having gone through another week of school again. All i can say is: I’m tired and I wanna sleep and I don’t like commuting anymore! Srly, spending an hour to just get to t.o and back is a PAIN!!! I can’t study on the bus because I get such a headache, leaving me time with just my ipod. I usually don’t take naps because taking a nap is such a private thing to do, and doing it in a public space…it just doesn’t sit well with me is all. I’m trying to keep up with my readings and it’s a work in progress. My lectures do not fill me with excitement, rather I’m finding myself counting down until I’m done this semester. Perhaps its the weather which prevents me from truly enjoying the day to its fullest extent. Who knows. I really want to not have to pack on my winter jacket, the ever essential scarf and gloves. I would must rather prefer to run out in a tunic/dress, with tights and flats, and a tote bag in hand with my stuff. That would be much preferred! Maybe, a light cardigan with me just in case it gets a bit chilly in the evening. I would take that over wearing layers or shirts and sweaters, then jacket and scarf and still feel cold outside. Main point: I’m getting bitter about winter, and spring needs to come so I can enjoy it more.ย Besides that, there’s not much more to it. I really wanna get some vogue right now and should, key word: SHOULD get started on those papers but I’m gonna call it a night and go to sleep instead. Maybe more motivation tomorrow?

Today, I have decided to clean up stuff in terms of organizing and just filtering stuff out of my closets. You would be amazed at how refreshing it feels to have things organized. I am an organized junkie. There I have said it. I get uber happy when I see my closet all organized my dress/tunic lengths or via colour. Looking at my t-shirt drawer all organized makes me giddy inside. Why? Maybe I’m just weird like that i guess lol it’s not that my room ever gets messy, when it does IT DOES! thats when the mother threats to come in and throw out stuff…I miss my green dress/tunic thing ;_; Another reason behind it is I just wanna revamp my wardrobe. Maybe i’ll indulge in a little diy (do-it-yourself) projects to keep myself busy once school is over. It feels like I’ll finally start having a proper hobby once school is over. I have quite the list ready but for now, if I do end up making something, I’ll be sure to post it for you guys. =) Till then, until I pick a nail colour (turns out the bright green I was sporty a few days is totally in when I looked at the lou lou magazine that just arrived, Take that! I’m totally ahead!), clean up that t-shirt drawer, and start on those foreboding readings I shall post laters.

OH! There was this amazing article I found online on the 50 Ways to Put the Light Back in your Heart on Gala darling. It really seems like the prefect list, so maybe I might adopt that as the list for this year. I’ll update when each item gets finished. Hopefully, I can complete all 50 or close to. I would it was rather successful if i can even 30 of them done! this could be my umm Light Back Challenge! yes! ok, time to clean up that drawer and eventually start on the readings. Something about a super clean room makes me study better. =)


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