Masakalli and Delhi 6

The songs for today, that make my day was Masakalli from Delhi 6. This song is about a dove and about dancing to your own tune and not letting anyone come into the personal freedom and how others may not understand where you are coming from, but you are fully content with yourself. The music was done by A. R. Rahman, who is a musically genuis! his music is always divine and can pick anyone from anywhere. btw, i loveee what the actress is wearing, it totally makes me wanna go live in an older, culturally rich city.

This song here Delhi 6 the title track from the movie. Something about this song its just so raw, edgy and urban. Every time i listen to it, I feel like i’m in a movie with a fast-paced action sequence or i’m in an art movie. Whenever i’m down, listening to this really makes me feel like im a part of something, even thou this isn’t delhi, its toronto but its the people that make the city, not the city that makes the people right? Also, I found out that there are french lyrics in this song! I was really surprised because I didn’t expect that but that just goes to show that A. R. Rahman does it again!


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