no motivation

So what else is new? I have no motivation yet again. so sad. I have 4 essays to write and my mind is blank. Maybe its my room. Maybe its me. Maybe its the universe. I don’t know. This just isn’t helping is all. I have a topic in mind, it’s just I don’t know where to take it is all. direction is often important in discovering something new and fresh. Without it, one might as well just sit and be a complete waste of knowledge and talent. No point in having thoughts if one cannot use them right? I feel as if I’m going through this nomadic phase. I only have a month of school left to go yet instead of being productive I would rather stare out at the stars and the street lights. Maybe this is what happens to third year university students, the information that university fills you so much that one burns out only to be left aside. Thinking of the future is a luxury and although my comrades in battle tell me instead of blogging I should be studying, I say, better me blogging and formulating thoughts rather than googling some 90s pop culture fetish. At least my typing is getting somewhere…. probably not lol I now have a dull ache in my right eye…I wonder what that means… probably is due to stress. I have found out that when I get stressed, I experience it in form of pain, notably headaches. But at the moment its my eye… and I’m sure its from the stress of these 4 papers. It would be nice if the inspiration or my industriously nature would kick in and I would get an extreme surge of focus-ness that I could get work done amazingly. Alas, I guess I have loose green tea to save me till then. I just can’t wait till school is over, only a month to go…30 days…30 days…so close yet so far! =(


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