a day without the phone

Today I forgot my cell phone at home. Needless to say I felt very unaccessible and unwired. I felt lonely and out of the community link without my phone. It’s like my celly allows me access to the world and my social networks. Ignore the fact that I don’t usually text my network, but the fact that I was not part it without my phone…I was sad. Although people say that being without a phone is a very liberating experience, I say, ‘did that person ever have to pay 50 cents to make a phone call from the phone booth?’ (my mother was worried…so of course I had to call her) Yeah! Phone booths went up from 25 cents to 50 cents now! And I ended up spending a dollar cuz I dialed the wrong number on the first try….yeah…my mom is on speed-dial….don’t hate yo. It seemed that 2 people missed my presence today, a random friend who usual never calls and my Thursday Go train buddy who I could not meet up with because I couldn’t call and confirm which train box she was in. But I got some of my reading done, so a win? I believe so =) I’m working my way on that geography essay on the Oshawa Strike of 1937 and I am stuck. Anyone who said that geography is an easy subject, I challenge them to analyze how the Oshawa Strike geographical changed the space. I am at the moment struggling with that myself. Let’s see what happens with that. I’m hoping that the music podcast I find online will be helpful in providing some motivation to work on it industriously. Fingers crossed.


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