gossip girl is back!

Today started off with a run almost but the sunny weather was a great help, need to update my ipod though, listening to the same music is kinda wack and not cool when your feeling a refreshed. After class, I really did not want to be stuck in the library, I mean the building is so depressing it’s like sitting in concrete heaven. If thats your thing, then thats awesome…it’s not mine. lol After some editing of my paper I finally started working on my next paper. Thats when I figured I just couldn’t stay at the library anymore. Maybe this is when I subconsciously decided that I needed a break after finishing one paper before I could start on the next. Whatever it was, it led to leave the library, come home, watch the ending of transformers, an episode of House and Gossip Girls which finally came back on today.

Gossip Girls this time around, i found to be weak. The only story line that has some interest is that of Chucks. Blair is only a sub-character in that story and how she will play out to help Chuck still needs to seen. Serena and Natt are dull, They played a small game, but now their back with each other. Jenny is interesting to see where she is going but not enough to make me want to come back and see what she does. Her new love interest might be interesting but not that great. It seemed kind of expected that it would happen. Dan, he’s lonesome and he hasn’t changed at all. Vanessa hasn’t shown up so can’t say much there, but Dan’s seducing idea is going to be an cool twist, something very Dan-like. Lily’s story is curious, esp with Serena’s father in the picture. Rufus seems to heading towards an affair kinda of deal so this should be good. This season isn’t looking as great as the pervious ones, maybe its because the writers are running dry on how to make it spicy? Who knows? If there is no other cool storyline to make, I would like it better of they just end it on a good note before turning it into something really bad. Maybe the crew wasn’t meant to continue on into the realm of university life ’cause I’m not seeing much there. Hopefully, this season gets better, I mean it got off to a good start, lets see of they get it right.


2 thoughts on “gossip girl is back!

    1. Gossip girl is an upper east side drama with pretty clothes lol its on cable but u can watch it online, sudnt be hard to fine i watched the first 2 seasons online over the hoildays.

      i sud have gone to gertstien cuz it has the large windows but i needed books…and robarts has books. 😦


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