am i clumsy or just clumsy?

Today my heart almost stopped. Why? because I am clumsy. How? Today in class as the prof was ending the lecture, and everyone was about to warp up the lecture, and in that moment of silence, my laptop decides that it was going to slide off my lap and onto the floor where it neatly closed as it smacked on the floor. There was silence around the room. Until i said, oh it’ll be fine. My heart was just scared. I decided that it needed to be restarted just in case to make sure that it was ok. My mac is my life for those that don’t know. My lowely mac has survived my three years of undergrad with me and I plan on it surviving some more. We share many strong memories and having it get hurt is not cool. So it can be easy to say, I am a clumsy person….very! I was so depressed on the way home ’cause I’m so tired and with my two papers due and my laptop getting hurt…I can feel my eyes getting droopy only to open up as my brain tells me you have papers to write!!!

This morning was a rush and the bus ride was another never-ending day…class was interesting as Lewis always is. During the break I tried to get some work and I found an amazing article to help me with my paper. My lovely Guri (whom I adore very much, she’s like a grizzly bear, so cuddly!) tried to help me realize that I indeed have much time to prepare my paper and that it’s gonna be ok. She’s also another cool person I like to keep in my life, shes so positive and caring. Like I log onto to msn after checking everything with my computer and the first thing said is ‘is evereything ok?‘ This my fellow comrades is what makes my dil (heart) warm. I have awesome tenants living in my heart. ❤


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