holi 2010

Today was a pleasant day, a very pleasant day indeed! The weather was gorgeous, I wore jeans finally after wearing denim leggings (THEY ARE SO COMFYYYYYYY) I also slept in. Reason? I woke up with a headache, not good. It seems that the stress from the school work has me worried so much that its taking the form of stress headaches…not fun. 😦 So I decided to sleep in till about 9.30 when I got up and got way on things. A call from my aunt in India was lively as we discussed why I was putting on mascara this morning, our mutual love for crazy nail polish, lunch ideas, how I am not going to India over the summer and how I should be a better daughter. Fun times. I like this aunt, she’s my mothers younger sister and she’s really fun to be around. Anyways, I made myself lunch yes, it can happen! (w00t!) and got to school listening to some really good music and major texting. Texting is so much fun, its like msn but over the phone and it’s up to you whether you choose to reply right away or not. Got to school, weather was AMA-ZING! class wasn’t bad, my prof called on in my third-year soc class which was kinda embarrassing but he was nice about it, saying I was one of nice people that followed him on twitter. Yes, I got my prof to retweet my tweet. I feel smart somehow! 8) nerd moment oh yes! After class was onto the festivities of holi, I decided to not go home on the 6.45 train and instead spend time with my friend who has never experienced holi. Needless to say, I was there.

Holi is the festival of colour you can say, where people can throw coloured power on everyone and it’s just fun. I played holi last year and I was coloured head to toe and I can only imagine what people were thinking when they saw me on the bus with bright pink water marks on my face (it was really hard to wash of, I had to take like 3 showers…) I also met up with former dance friends and we bonded. It really felt like a community which is what festivals are meant to do. I saw my friends, we caught up on the stress of school and how we missed each other. Meeting up with the team who were so much a part of me during the second semester of my second year at university was really nice. This is why I highly recommended joining or being a part of a school group/activity! One learns so much and make so many awesome friends with so many memories!!!! I walked home with a smile on my face, that’s how much of an affect they had on me. It was awesome!!!! and if you’ve played holi, do so!!! It’s so much fun, but watch out don’t wear your favourite shirt because it will get colour-fied and it might not be pretty. A buddy of mine, his stud is still pink from holi….yeah. Otherwise, you can see the many different varieties there are in terms of choice and how many colours there are. Holi really is the festival of colours, whether in the form of spring, the power, or just the sheer power of friendship that shows up in the many colours. Today was a good day. I’m choosing to ignore one of my close friend’s remark that I am fat. Hmm, either I start working out OR I eat cake. Why am I ignoring this? Most of friends already say that I am diluted and I am fine, until I have to buy new jeans…till then leggings!!!! =D


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