another monday

Today started with me having a upset stomach which led to inadequate sleep. Not cool! Sure i missed my bus and had to take the train which by the was delayed…Go transit is losing its touch people, I cannot rely on it anymore because of so many past delays. What if I missed my exam, or a job interview!? Yeah thanks, a reimbursement is really gonna cut it. Speaking of cuts, there are cutting down some of the routes that connect with the Georgetown line. Not cool. Unless they expect me to bring out my car, use up gas and pollute on my way to school, which I would rather not do, considering I wanna save the planet by doing my little bit, which would be public transit. It really is not longer reliable. Other than that, got some studying done I guess, not as productive as I’d hope to be thou. Tomorrow has some hope.

Tonight’s Gossip Girl’s episode was AMA-ZING!!!!!! I knew that Chuck’s story would be a real turning point in the story, especially since all the others have had their laid out. Jenny is opening up a Pandora’s box with her love interest, but I am finding her a tad bit annoying considering she is in high school and I’m not seeing much play there and her step-brother, he like just disappeared. Lilys and Rufus seem to be undergoing something which seems interesting. Now it would be cool if they brought in Serena’s dad. That would def shake things up a little.

Now, because I was so engrossed in the show, my phone was not by my side and I got a missed call. Sure it was at 7 something and I called back at almost 10, the point is I called. I also sent a text message. Now I understand that picking up calls late at night might not be cool but the least you can do it reply to my text, ’cause I’m wondering why you called me in the first place. Another thing you can do is send me a text with a brief note about what you wanted to know so I’m not left in the dark! That would be greatly appreciated people! Meh. Whatever. If someone wanted to get in touch with me there are a lot of ways to do so. Email, Facebook, twitter? (not so much lol) and the direct way, texting. It’s not hard people. Just ’cause my phone isn’t attached to my body doesn’t mean that I am ignoring you. It means my phone isn’t on me. Oh well. Now to bed, my eyes hurt from the light, and I need sleep.



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