writing bog

Today was the day I was going to be when I would finish typing up my paper. So much for that. I have a writing bog and I can’t focus at all. The sentences that I am writing are so obscure that its begging for editing even though I’ve just started making the sentences. If it was rest, then yesterday was my rest day. meh. I guess this is what happens when you write essays left right and centre. You burn out. I just can’t wait till the next vogue and instyle gets released. I’ve come to find that those magazines are pretty awesome with cool pictures, and if I can get my hands on them than Harper’s Bazzar. Harper Bazzar India is SSSO AWESOME!!!!! Such cool articles and pictures and features. Maybe I’ll hunt it down at Chapters so some cool magazine store. 8) One of the magazines that they released that I liked the most was the one where Sonam Kapoor was the cover story. Now this girl looked AMA-ZINGG!!! Totally adored all the outfits that they made and she looked FAB!!!!! I totally dig the whole menswear style with the necklace. She looks AMA-ZING! The pic below, the top is awesome ❀ and the dress is kinda cool

I lowe the jacket and the pearls and it all looks so chic with the neutrals
The top is kinda funky
The dress is very interesting as is the necklace.

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