turnitin.com = fail

Turn it in.com = FAIL

So handed in my paper, after a mad dash to catch my bus on time. PHEW!!! I literally ran across the street, kinda stopped the traffic but hey I got my bus! And I wasn’t late for class. Sure I had stapler issues as I was stapling like 18 pages all together -.-” BUT the issue arose when I realized that I forgot to hand in my paper on turnitin.com. Now I really don’t not like that site. It’s demeaning, unprofessional and such a pain!!!! I though ok, I have till midnight to submit, and I ask the TA just to make sure. Good thing i did. Turns out if I had submitted it after 5pm, it would have been considered late with a 10% deduction!!!!!! So there I was, trying to teach my mother over the phone how to attach the paper to an email and email me. After 20 grueling minutes of trying to do it on yahoo, I suggest that my mother try it on imail (the mac version of outlook). Good thing I did, before the interface is very user-friendly that my mom figured it out in less than 5 minutes and I was looking at the cover page, paper and bibliography in my gmail. THANK GOD!!!!!!!!!! If she wasn’t home I would have had a 10% deduct on a paper worth 50% of my mark!!!!

Lesson to be learnt?

  • Turn it in.com IS FAIL AND SO ANNOYING!!!!!!
  • time to save all assignments in my email
  • carry all assignments in usb key if its due the day of in case something like this ever happens again unless your lucky enough to find your mother home and get her on your computer
  • lowe your mommy because she is awesome ❤

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