Ok so the movie is kinda a blah, I would give it like 3 stars out of 5. I don’t wanna say too much about the movie but its a good time pass. It definitely made me want summer to come, esp with all those dresses I saw in the movie! The story-line is ok, with some originality to it, but with fairy-tale aspects. It’s a mermaid looking to find what love is. Not hard right? Her deadline? 3 days! Shouldn’t be that hard right? It’s a chick flick all the way!

This is the trailer to the movie in case your like whattttt???

This song was the best one that i liked form the movie ❤ It’s Island in the sun, by Weezer, but it was also preformed by Emma roberts.

Some of the fashion that I totally liked was the dress that Aqua wears to the fair with the neutral blush colour. The dress that the actress (Sara Paxton) is really cute with the rosetta detailing on the bust. In the third picture, the dress can be seen in full, and the purple pattern is really cool. If I can find something like that, that would be cool! And the sandals on emma, the yellow strap is so cute!


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