another sunday

Today started with a very very tired me. That’s because I slept at 4am that morning cause I was watching Gilmore girls. I lowe Gilmore Girls, and when I found it online i was <333333 Looking at my split ends…not so much, my head is hurting. my spilt ends are driving me crazy, really, its so annoying and my thin hair is sadness. I spent my weekend on watching videos. First it was make-up tutorials, which led me to watch bubzbeauty thing. I don’t know how that would work considering the girl is asian, and I’m south asian so our skin dynamics and make-up colours don’t exactly work together but I was too into it. There’s something about watching them thats interesting. Reading manga online isn’t fun anymore cause the stories are wayy to predictable and are just not interesting. Same can be said about fan fiction. I mean, sure I’ve spent like hours into the morning reading that stuff but nothing strikes out at me anymore. kinda sad really. So on to Gilmore Girls it is, and washing my hair ’cause my head hurts ;_; I need to start figuring out my schedule this week. Need to get loads done before finals start which will be in like 3 weeks time. finals. Oh finals. I can’t wait till their over so I can just relax.



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