at the lib on a sat…

here i am, on campus, at the library on a saturday. Major studying that needs to be done but its getting there. My soc study group is catching up on readings cuz well, most of us didn’t get a chance right. Our breaks have been really interesting. We’ve discussed everything from the fundamentals of facebook vs. twitter, to what extend should religion be used in politics, should we question religion, polygamy, blind faith and how do you know what is god. yeah, fun times! lol Ran off to the dollar store before my day began, it started off quite rough actually 😦 I first bumped my car as i was reserving into a pillar, than a car bumped into me on the high way, but it was a light bump thank god, everything is fine. =) the guy who bumped into me even drove along side to make sure i was ok with a thumbs up…i think it might have been dangerous to even bother looking to the side considering i was driving at 100/kms an hour. -.-” but i’m ok so i’m thankful. =) Dropped off the stuff for the Vaisaski mela that we’re hosting next Thursday at the office so we won’t have to be worried about it. I like getting stuff done and out of the way like this. Now the plan is to read like mad and get half of the course done and then work on my paper and presentation tomorrow. Fingers crossed, I can finish it and it’ll be ok. It didn’t help that I was crying for no reason on my way. I think that the bump did something, it stirred something within me that caused me to cry as i was driving. ;-; I feel better now of course. OH!!! I tired this new tea, called Vanilla Rooibos, its at starbuck tea, and it was really good, a really earthy taste to it and antioxidant qualities are always lowed! ok, back to work xo


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