kruger hall

So studying times is back! Had my essay handed in and did my presentation. I was nervous until I got up and was standing in front of the class, then I just put my cue cards down and just started the presentation. Not once did I look down for my notes, I look at the class and looking at the board. I gotta hand this to the GGSCF monthly meetings. We took turns talking allowed in a public-speaking manner so any public speech freight we could have had, was all gone. Like my voice was loud and clear and it just happened. Polygamy never looks so good. 8)

Studying for the soc internet class hmmm, now that took a while. took me a good couple of hours to finish the readings, my bladder is full and i just have to complete the other soc’s reading then im doneee. All I’ll need to do is REVIEW REVIEW REVIEW!!!!!

For studying today I was Kurger Hall, sure I’m committing an act of sousveillance but hey, its my right to! lol the place really transformed itself, going from a gloomy exam hall to an amazing student space! finally U of T gets something right?


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