its april =)

It’ss April, which means many things such as:

  1. spring is here  (no more heavy jacketsss)
  2. school is over  (yayy)
  3. exams are upon us  (boooo)
  4. Vaisaski is coming!  (totally gonna volunteer there again as usual)
  5. and warm weather (i lowe warm weather ❤ )

I recently found out that I’m not done on the 19, rather on the 21! Which is fine and all, but getting done earlier would have been more preferred. -_-” Now study mode is upon me so most likely it will be missions to the library. NERD TIME? YES!!!!!! RAWR

Now that school is over, with only exams left to do, I wonder what I will do in my spare time. I usually like to keep up with the news, which I haven’t been doing of late because the toronto star doesn’t like my laptop. o.o SO, now I’ve bookmarked the globe and mail site and will get my daily updates there. It shows enough of what’s going in everything, which is what I like. A little informed everywhere. Can’t hate that right?



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