trying to find a balance

its been a while.
i haven’t posted anythg in ages, well because i use my wordpress blog account instead.
maybe i should come back here. it doesn’t take forever to load and the interface is pretty easy.
i don’t know.
i don’t know why i needed to start something new again when i already had this in my hand.
it’s kinda like im cheating you.
it really does.
does that make me a cheater?
or do i like using the best software out there?
i know its bad.
i sud have just continued on here instead of going there, making a new blog, looking at new background/layouts, which by the way, blogger has more options for!
much more flexible in what you want
but i dunno.
i sud study.
i’ll try to post randoms here.
just so i dont feel im neglecting you
i sud study


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