job hunt

So im looking for a job. Its the right thing to do afterall. that and its helping me to not focus on studying. bad bad me. all im finding is that i don’t have the skills to get a job. That and im totally studying the wrong stuff. what am i gonna do with a geography major? what!? work at tim hortons?! i can’t live off my life like that. i think about business, what would i make a business of? with who? and i dont have a business degree, far from it.

I need to get off my hiny and get a job. like an adult u know. im 20, turning 21 and no job. people have so many jobs. by the time i graduate, all these people will have a job and not me. why? i got no awesome skills besides twittering all day, checking my facebook, and updating my blog :/ I AM DOOMED! Why oh why do they give out art degrees when you can’t do anything with them except grad school, which by the way is super hard to get into! argh 😦


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