2 down, 1 to go

As per the title, I have completed two exams, and I have one more to go. The first one was on monday morning at 9am. Yes, I actually had to get up at 6.30am, which I had not done for a year or so. I’m so accustomed to sleeping in, that getting up early seemed to be a journey, a battle, a struggle! However, I had slowly been changing my body clock to get up earlier and good thing I did, because I woke up on a monday morning with 5 hours of sleep and ready to take on my exam without feeling too tired. A delight to see was the All Bran free cereal bars in honey nut favour, were being given out by the metro people. That did add a smile to my face ’cause hey, how doesn’t like free food? First exam went well I guess, I didn’t know the full information for the first question but the second questions yes. So the chances are 50-50. After that exam, walking from campus to union station seemed like a perfect way to finish of the day. The sun was shining, I would get to walk with my friend to where she lived and enjoy the awesome spring weather. Plus, the exercise doesn’t hurt 😉  And a good thing I did, I made it time to catch the bus home.

The second exam was tonight (tuesday 7pm) I got up late because I was tired, and slept in till 9-ish, whereabouts I got up and faffled about on the internet. Finally going through the notes, I found myself eating apples and throwing the remains off my balcony and almost hitting someone in the head with it. It missed thankfully, but the man did keep looking up to see where it had come from. ahah so bad. I’m glad it didn’t hit him, that would have been horrible. Got ready by 4 and was on campus studying. Now, finding a spot to study where I can’t hear noise, people whispering to each other, ipods on too high were all SO distracting!!!! I really needed my focus and silence was the answer. After going up and checking various floors, I finally found refugee on the 12 floor, where the construction hadn’t reached and cubicles were abundant. When serious studying needs to be done, cubicles are so rigueur. That enclosed space where nothing can distract you except ipods being on too high (people please for the love of music, lower your volumes!!!)  was awesome. Finally I got 2 hours of studying in before I had to write my exam. Writing my exam, I remembered some of the main stuff and some things refused to be remembered. I’m hoping so an awesome pass! That would be great.

What really stood out about my exams were what people wore, more specifically the need for girls and guys (hey it happens!) wearing too tight of skinny jeans and exposing their behind to the world. People, please save those tight jeans where your behind can’t even hold them up when your sitting at home or cover it come. I really do not want to see it. If you’re going to wear a top, then make sure your top covers it. It really is immodest and I don’t want to see it when I’m trying to remember key aspects of new urbanism or religious diversity. It doesn’t help, nor it is pleasant. Not only was this girl flashing my eyes, not also the half the class considering she was sitting near the front of the exam hall. Needless to say, they saw. It’s not nice, and as much as you like your body, please keep it to yourself without the added exposure. Who are you trying to look sexy for during an exam? Everyone just wants to write it and get out of there as soon as they can. Not hard people.

Only one more exam to go, thats next wednesday. I’ll probably take it a bit more relaxed but considering I really cannot study at home, I will entertain the idea of going to school on the monday and tuesday to study. That way there are no distractions and I can focus. The exam is an afternoon one, so review in the morning can happen but most of the information will be done the night before. I really do not want to pull all-nighters here. Exams are stressful as they already are. Till then, I shall try to post sooner.



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