my new room p1

"Forget me not"

So my last exam is this wednesday at 2 pm. Am I being studious and studying hard? No. Should I be? Yes. I don’t know what it is, but I can say for sure that I would totally like it that there should not be too much of a break between my exams. Too much of a break and I’m done. In terms of motivation, focus and ready to being my lazy regime, which consists of me sleeping, and reading comics/fanfics/watching youtube videos which I quite enjoy mind you. Now that I’m going t be moving soon, all the more reason to slack about.

My room is painted to my delight in ‘forget me not’ I’m looking forward to it considering its a pretty cool colour and in between a pale green and a pale blueish. I like it. Picking a room colour took forever, because it is very important after all. This is the colour you will see everyday, when waking up and going to sleep. My first room colour was a mocha brown, and then my current one is a purple. Needless to say, I did not want to repeat the colours and wanted to try something new. I thought about yellow, but my brothers room is yellow, and blue, well my mother said no to that. ahah so this is the colour. So far, I have not seen it, but I’ve heard that it’s looking awesome! Curtains I have already and I don’t like the ones in my room, they were a chocolate brown and a light brown velvet curtains. Problem with those: they were bulky and would be a pain to clean. Not cool. And so here I am. Unable to focus, which is bad. I really should stop thinking about what I am doing to do about my closet considering after 4 pm on wednesday, I’m a free woman and spend all my time thinking about it, i cant help it. Studying right now does not strike me as a pleasant idea.

Some of the stuff I’m considering for my room include: (Items from Urban outfitters.) I’ve noted that the theme I’m going for in this room is like a vintage meets feminine/french meets birds. LOL I think i’m going thru a bird phase. But thats the theme I kinda wanted in my new room. feminine + vintage, but more mature feminine, like french style. You know, the crystal style bowl where I would put my do-dats in. The hanging hocks where I want to hang my long necklaces on. I mean if I’m going to hang them, then might as well make them look pretty and bring in the colours. Maybe the green flower might match my room walls too much, so the pink one would be better? The soap holder would totally go in my bathroom, which is already all detailed/old school-french style lol. The curtain knob thing and the jewelry stand are kinda whimsical and add fun to the mix.

thoughts? suggestions? xo


2 thoughts on “my new room p1

    1. surprisingly, the room looks more blue than green :/ i wonder if the dude messed up and got the bluer shade than the greener one =(
      yeah, i hav like soft white ones i plan on putting up =)
      im glad u like =)


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