i’ve moved!!!!!!

In case you’ve been wondering where I went, well I moved! and without internet no less 😦 I was without internet for the past couple of days which meant no facebook, totally forgot about twitter (even thou I could text my status) and yeah, its been hectic. All my stuff is here now, my room looks like a Tiffany’s box and I have a pile of clothes turning into the great pyramid on my dresser. I clearly need to head out and grab more stuff for my room -.-” Summer school starts next week so to be prepared about that I need to get my room in tip-top condition no less.

I made a trip to guelph and the pictures for that will be posted soon. I like this new layout so this might stay for a while hehe and um the nagar kirtan was AWESOMEEEE and yeah. Thats about it for now. More news to follow after I figure out how to change all my addresses and stuff 😦 but before I can do that I need a secure connection before I access my thangs. Brother says: Don’t use open access for major stuff. So it must be noted hehe

I can’t wait to start digging into all my stuff, I found things I had not seen in years and it’s about time I used them and figured out if they were worth it or not. So time to get out to some major organizing and stuff. Till then, xo


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