organization and nail polish

Here I am updating lol I got more hangers! yay closet organization! Half my closet isn’t set up because I have no hangers and the other reason because it really isn’t efficient. I’m looking into getting Solutions to make my closet epic. Like super epic! And I need to start organizing my bathroom :/ it seems I need to get everything there, but fear not! I have dividers! EPIC DIVIDERS! I have a thing for organization ok! efficiency means more fun in dressing up and really if something is messy more likely I won’t see it and then I won’t wear it, which means that I might miss wearing the cute bracelet when I could have! 😦

In other news I wanted to try out the new taupe colour that the fashion peoples have been raving about so I got the rimmel ‘steel grey’ shade to check it out. Yeah I like nail polish, don’t hate 😛 It makes my hands look pretty and whenever I look down it looks pretty. Before it was usually my toes that usually got the colour treatment but for some reason, last september I started doing my hands as well. By then I started reusing my lo’real ‘gems’ nail colours (i’ll do the review on them later) and I started collecting the L.A. Flare nail colours as well (review to follow). I already reviewed one of them already (the hot pink) but I guess I’ll start on them as a new series I guess? I like projects after all. Why have I started on nail polishes all of a sudden? They are one thing besides lip balm that always looks awesome lol


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