themes and room

I really have come to like this new theme, ‘twenty ten’ more than I thought I would. It’s suppose to be the new default theme, and you know what, it’s rather swanky and MUCH better than I had expected. It reminds me of the journalism themes and cutline, but meh it gets the job done with clean lines and lots of options with the colours. Otherwise, the other themes aren’t as customizable.

Most of my room is cleared but still so much to unpack and to organize. My dresser is basically empty :/ All my tees are hung and all that’s left are my knits, which I won’t hang because I don’t want the knits to get loose or sag. Hey, I like my knits okay, good sweaters are hard to find! I think I’m gonna end up changing my room settings more, because I want to move my desk on the other side so the shelves can be used to store more books hehe if I have the storage capabilities then why not use them right? A waste to just shove it against the wall, you know.


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