Taupe nails, hit or miss?

I’m sure those of you watching the magazines and the blogosphere, have noted the recent trend towards taupe nails. Spotted on celebs alike to promote the trend, these new nails have been spotted on:


The trend — From Sandra Bullock to the Chanel Show and Lily Allen, this shade is seen as the hot spot more than anything.  After the Chanel Jade shade, taupe is to be the next hit for the spring season. Gearing somewhere between a grey and a brown, it is to be a refresher from the bright’s of the previous season. But is it worth all the hype its getting? As a student, I can’t afford to shell out the dough for a Chanel colour, however I found a much cheaper substitute to it and here’s what I found.

From Chanel to Rimmel, what were my results?

I was looking forward to this shade very much because I was getting tired of the super bright’s and wanted something more mellow, so I went of to get this. The polish promised 10 days of lasting colour. The only place it lasted for as long as it promised were my toes. :/ The nails on my hands were done in about 4 days or so. I used 2/3 coats which I feel is kind more that I would need to for such a colour, and more than sugguested. Also, the shade obviously got darker as more coats were applied.

My view on the colour? — It looked more like a deep dark purple than a mix of grey and brown. I was disappointed, really, if I had wanted a darker purple I could have just mixed my previous shades. The Avon taupe shows up more as a brown shade. I did not find this shade versatile at all. It felt like a neo-goth colour (which does not go well with a cheery yellow outfit lets say at a conservative dinner party) where it was not as harsh as the black satin colour released by Chanel last year. Jade, was a superb colour I would simply look down saw my nails and would smile. When I saw my nails, however, in this shade, it made me glum. I should have chosen the mango colour instead to purchase. Maybe I did not find the right substitute for this shade, but for a young 20-something, I would rather see something more exciting.

Will I be wearing it again? — Only if I am entering a new neo-goth phase, or like to see mixed paint on my nails, or if I really feel the need to make it a part of a costume, or if I run out of a dark purple paint. :/ I only hope that Chanel has something better in store, or MY predictions are to go to pastel shades, like a light blue or a pale pink for the spring.


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