Review: How to train your dragon

Last night I esacped with mon amines for a movie and dinner night, and we decided to watch How to Train your Dragon.

The point? — Its a unique story about a boy ‘Hickup’ finding his way as a viking and coming to terms as the blood thirsting viking that he is. He meets a dragon and become comrades but then how can they be friends? He’s a viking and hes a dragon?

Is it worth the watch? — OMG YES! The movie is soooo cute and toothless (the dragon) is SO adorble! *LOWE* The story is really interesting, when you think it’s going to get boring, BAM it gets exciting again. The movie moves well along and doesn’t get too stuck on the emotional scences and the action sequence is done very well.

3D-ness? — The effects are done very well, however I would have liked to see more 3-D-ness for this movie. Like fire coming at you or the depth within the screen. At times it reminded me of a flat pixar movie and didn’t feel the need to have my googles on.

I give it 4 cute dragons out of 5. Totally worth the watch, not only for Gerald Bulters sexy voice, but also the movie has humor, delightness, Bulter’s sexy voice, and sense of self discovery.


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