starting something new

I’ve been elected as the head of a club that I was a part of. Now being a president and all means so much to do! From forming an exec team to making sure we can get funding and become recognized for the year seems like a lot of work, but I kinda like it, it means I get to be busy and become proactive in something. Being involved on campus has always meant something more.Learning from just the classroom will only take you so far. Meeting new people, learning how they manage their relations, or groups is a really good learning experience. You really do learn a lot!

Running between Association meetings and running around on the web for information has definitely made me wonder what I have I gotten myself into for my fourth year of study at U of T, but then I remember, I have an exec team, which will hopefully help me divide up the work and make this year an interesting one to remember. So far, I know of one individual that I can count on to be on my team and I’m glad that they are a returning member. Projects like these really make me happy as they give me something to do and learn. This way I can learn how the student system is organized and runs. It is after all a mock of what the ‘adult’ system is. Learning experience glore!

I figure going the old fashioned way to stay organized is the best way. Writing down what I have to do and making lists is very therapeutic I find. Listing out what I have to do, and slowly working my way there is really nice. I feel like I accomplish something. Lists for everything are happening in my little red notebook. I find notebooks to be tres adorable. Better than carrying a dog on my arm! hahah -.-” Lists help me stay organized. I like organization. My mind may not be organized but list help it to be.


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